Got a basement? An easy way to increase home value and even home function is to finish an unfinished basement. Maybe you are on a budget, well, that’s okay! Here are some ideas to get that unfinished basement finished without deep pockets. Find out more about basement waterproofing!


Rugs do a lot! Rugs can be cheap or expensive but you get to control which rug you buy. Regardless of cost choice, a rug adds color and décor to what might be a rough looking, dark, concrete floor. Its an easy way to add style to an empty space and prepare for more functionality. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so have fun adding flare!

Thrift Shop Furniture

You can assemble an entire room that functions for writing, play, art, hanging out, or extra storage to name a few options. If hanging out is something that you’d like to create a space for with your basement, add some chairs or a love seat to those rugs. Visit your local consignment shop or thrift store and pick out some items that might serve your taste. No need to buy anything new.


Adventurous forms of lighting is something that has surfaced recently. There’s a host of price ranges available as well as cost efficient versions. Rather than no lighting or awkward industrial lighting that is already in the basement, trade it in for string lights! They are available at Walmart, Target, or head to Amazon and shop from endless vendors. Some operate using batteries, others can be plugged in. If that isn’t your style then while your at the thrift store, pick up a retro lamp to fir your desires.


Much like a rug, adding curtains can do a big number on a room. Curtain are minimal effort and maximal impact by adding great color to large portions of the wall.. It is a clever way to create division in a basement, and no, you don’t need actual windows behind the curtain to hang them there.


There re a few things you can paint to spice up the life of a basement. The floor can be painted a rich color of your choosing in case the rugs are just doing the trick. This will not take a lot of your pocket, but the trade off is it will obviously take some of your time to accomplish. It will be worth the effort if you do so. You can always keep the rugs with a newly colored floor. Second, you can paint the walls as well. This is also is more a matter of your spending you time than it is you spending your money.

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When on a budget, cost effective options exist to make a basement into something interesting. Head to the thrift store, get on amazon, buy a couple cans of paint, pick out those curtains, buy that rug from your friend, find those string lights! Spend your time and not your money making something awesome for yourself and your family to enjoy!

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